Operating Partners

Vineyard serves as your dynamic financial partner with a desire to help you succeed. We move quickly to offer flexible financial solutions–both short- and long-term. Whether through M&A efforts, building scalable strategies, recruiting key personnel, or assisting in executing missions, our focus remains the growth and success of your business. Our approach has assisted in the creation of many successful regional companies for over 20 years.

Vineyard partners with entrepreneurs and existing ownership groups who have built profitable businesses. These partners are not only seeking capital, but are looking for a partner to assist with strategic decisions and relationships to grow. When selecting entrepreneurs to partner with in their growth, we communicate openly to identify the following qualities and goals:


to Grow
Need for
to Work With
a Team


The most important factor in establishing an operating partnership is financial stability. The owners that we assist with funding have a financial track record and are realistic when setting annual financial expectations. They measure financial results regularly to ensure the businesses operate as expected or better as it relates to serving their customers’ needs.


We strongly believe that businesses must continually seek growth to succeed. We look for entrepreneurs who want to grow through acquisitions, market share growth, and customer experience improvement.

Vineyard offers tailored financing options designed to support your company’s continued growth. Entrepreneurs and management teams use capital from Vineyard Capital Partners for a variety of purposes. Most often entrepreneurs want to fund: acquisitions, organic growth, shareholder liquidity, or management buyouts.


We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to building a lasting company, so the financing packages and various support services we provide are unique for each partner. As a trusted peer, partner, and confidant, we listen to each of our partnered business owners to see how we can provide what they need to succeed. We then help, not just with capital, but with personalized, thoughtful, and expeditious support.


When selecting entrepreneurs to partner with, we look for driven individuals who take pride in their company and look forward to continually leading their organization. We look for opportunities to enable strong leadership, through the use of capital, in order to achieve new goal for the business.


In all of our capital and advisory relationships, we view integrity as the basis from which a partnership grows. We desire to conduct business with partners who we trust and who trust us. We are committed to following through with all of our promises and partner with entrepreneurs who will do the same.

Likewise, we take great pride in going above and beyond to assist our business owners in whatever ways we can, partnering only with business people who espouse this same commitment to their clients.


The entrepreneurs that we assist with financing put their own business as their top priority. However, they are also willing to help other businesses in the network as needed through advisory roles, networking, even assistance with finding employees, or occasionally sharing of services or equipment.

When we find these shared commitments, we work with business owners to determine how we can best provide assistance. Our relationship is almost always based around a financial investment on Vineyard’s part. We provide capital to grow the main core of the business through acquisitions or funding for organic growth.

Organic business growth only comes through constantly improving customer experience. Our partners are committed to being the best in their markets and constantly look for ways to improve the service they provide.

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